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Books In Progress

This is a part of my website that I'm really excited about! The whole thing is still a work in progress that I will update as often as I possibly can. Here I will be showcasing every project I'm working on. As of now, every project listed below is for 2022, at least that's my plan. Some things already have some progress, some haven't been started yet, and depending on when you check out this page, some might even be done and/or published. So, let's dive in and see what I'm currently writing!

The Dragon And The Bird

Status: First Draft

This Dragons is a whole world I came up with and am slowly building on. It all started with the Hate to Want You anthology. I was going to write Good Girl as my story submission, but then the story grew into a whole world and Good Girl is actually becoming two books itself now. So I wrote a prequel novella titled Sweetheart and submitted that to the anthology. The Anthology has come down now and I will have Sweetheart published on my own once I have a cover for it, and I'm hoping to have a preorder for Good Girl available at the same time. 

This is duology, The Dragon And The Bird, is a MF romance. It has organized crime, kidnapping, undercover, a bit of chaos, all the things.

Secret Project 1

Status: First Draft

This is a PNR RH series and I got the idea for it right before going on a writers retreat in Gatlinburg where we stayed at a cabin in the woods. I've already talked about this idea with one friend, and I can't wait to announce it to everyone else!

Hammock Office.jpg

Hey, I'm Maya! Books have always been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember, filled with endless worlds I could escape into when I wanted a break from this one. I'm one of those people who can't tell a short story, I have to tell the twists and turns that get us through it, and never imaged that something like that could actually be my career. Read more about me here.

Accidentally Magicked

Status: Expanding from the short story

Accidentally Magicked was original a 21k story that was (currently is) published in the Call of Magic anthology. I'm currently working on expanding it into a full length book, and building upon it to create other stories in this world. The Call of Magic anthology comes down in February 2022, so if you want a sneak peak of the shortened version, you still have a chance to!

Hot Mess Chronicles

Status: Planning

These will be part of the Hot Mess Chronicles, a set of contemporary standalones. Each one will feature an FMC who's a hot mess and flails her way through life, trying to get her life in order. More information coming soon!

Crest Creek Islanders

Status: Planning

Crest Creek Islanders is a series of standalones that all take place on Crest Creek, an island where anyone can go to escape concrete prisons and societal obligations. Where surfing is the only sport that matters, salt water and sand is in every place you go, and everyone has a favorite fish.

The novella titled Tidal (see what I did there?) was first available in the Fearless anthology (still available in Kindle Unlimited and on Amazon until December 8th) and will be published on its own after the anthology comes down. All the other stories I have planned for the interconnected world are full length standalones. In Tidal you meet Cari and Trent, as an introduction to their story. You'll meet them again in their own full length standalone titled Crest in summer 2022. Swell will feature new main characters and new challenges, though there may be character crossover in various standalones depending on the story.

Secret Project 4

Status: Planning

This is a MF contemporary standalone. More information coming soon.

Insect Shifters

Status: Planning

If you were following along in my readers group at the time, you might recall the day that I posted a screenshot of a conversation with husband. I had texted him about a wasp attacking an insect and how vicious it was, but I couldn't stop watching. He suggested I write about insect shifters. I thought it was insane, after all, who would want to read about insect shifters? But then my amazing readers got involved and it turned into a great idea that I'm really excited to work with. Not only that, but it has turned into a whole world that I can't wait to build on.

The first one is still to be named, but it will be wasp shifters vs bee shifters, a MC PNR RH.

Secret Project 5

Status: Planning

This is a contemporary holiday RH. More information coming later.

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