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Books In Progress

This is a part of my website that I'm really excited about! The whole thing is still a work in progress that I will update as often as I possibly can. Here I will be showcasing every project I'm working on. As of now, every project listed below is a secret project, which will be replaced with titles once I begin officially announcing them. Not all projects are updated with a word count at the moment, but I'll slowly be updating them when I can.


So, let's dive in and see what I'm currently writing!

Secret Project #1

Status: Rewrites

I wrote this whole trilogy (~300k words) in 2022 when I wasn't in the best place so now it needs a lot of rewrites. I've been sharing some teasers in my newsletter so sign up for my mailing list to see more about it!

- Bodyguards

- Mafia

- Reverse Harem

Secret Project #2

Status: First Draft

This is a series of interconnected standalones and I am two rough draft books into it.

- Steamy

- Romance

Hammock Office.jpg

Hey, I'm Maya! Books have always been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember, filled with endless worlds I could escape into when I wanted a break from this one. I'm one of those people who can't tell a short story, I have to tell the twists and turns that get us through it, and never imaged that something like that could actually be my career. Read more about me here.

Secret Project #3

Status: First Draft

This will be the next book published under my Maya Riley name and will be part of a series. I've been sharing teasers of it in my newsletter, so sign up if you want some sneak peeks!

- Apocalyptic

- Natural Disasters

- Romance

- Canine Sidekick

Secret Project #4

Status: First Draft

This will be a series of interconnected standalones and I already have 3 of them written in first draft form!

- Steamy

- Romance

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