In spring of 2020, I was traveling right as Corona Virus was becoming big, places were shutting down, and quarantine was happening. I had a stack of extra proof copies of my books that I was going to give to friends, but due to the pandemic, I wasn't able to before I was forced to head back home. So, I ended up leaving those copies in random places in Mississippi on my way back home for other people to find and hopefully enjoy a small escape.

I ended up really loving having done that, so for every time I travel, I like to leave a book in a place I enjoy. This page is dedicated to that where I post pictures of the books I leave.

If you have found one of these books, I would love to know! Feel free to message me at


The books that started it all

March 2020

Using the arrows, scroll to see the books left around Herod Illinois at hiking trails and the wine trail.

July 2020

Using the arrows, scroll to see the books left around central Mississipi.

Due to the pandemic, rather than traveling around for our normal Christmas celebrations, I left books in places more local.

December 2020

Where will Maya visit next?

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