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Fuck You

Fuck You

Who says you can’t set your ex’s shit on fire and get away with it?

Name’s Natalee, but I go by Lee unless I tell you otherwise.

I left my old life behind in flames and went in search of something new. With a split second decision, I ended up living on the beach and spending my days among the waves. The last thing I wanted was to even think about dating, but Chase and Larsen proved me wrong. I searched for freedom at the bottom of a bottle, but it was the gentle hands and knowing eyes that set my heart ablaze.

As it turned out, walking away from a broken heart led me to two others who were more than willing to accept my fractured pieces as they were. With them, I didn’t have to pretend to be something else, or even who I used to be. I could be put together into something entirely new.

This new life isn’t all about surfboards and whiskey glasses. It still has its struggles, but the reward at the end is worth it. Even when the ex shows up, threatening to take it all away.

These two saw me at my worst, but would they stick around to see me at my best? Would I even be able to get my shit together long enough to enjoy it?

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