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Rise of the Pack (Wolves of Mercaida book 3)

Rise of the Pack (Wolves of Mercaida book 3)

"Mercaida will fall."


These words hold more truth than I initially realized, and now we're in a rush against time to prove them wrong.


Defeating the largest threat should have saved us. Instead, it very well might have destroyed us all.


With the barrier flickering in and out, Mercaida is plagued with an onslaught of problems. Feral wolves, cloaked figures, and anyone outside of Mercai land who barges in and tries to take over.


The only way to save our home is to choose a new Alpha, but that's a lot more difficult than it sounds. Especially when my name shows up in the nomination and I have to participate in the trials.


Time is running out.

Secrets are exposed.

Difficult decisions must be made.


My family is calling, but do we have what it takes to survive, or will the constant attacks cause us to turn on each other?

*This is the final book in this series

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