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Salvaged (Releasing the Magic book 2) ORIGINAL COVER

Salvaged (Releasing the Magic book 2) ORIGINAL COVER

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What do you do when you find out you’re the thing you fear most?

Seven months ago, the Void Virus was set loose on Earth. The world is now in chaos. The origin of the virus has been unveiled, and mysteries of my past have come to light.

A lot has changed during that time. I started out alone, struggling to survive. Now I had four guys, my sister, and Puppy who all had my back no matter what.

Not only did I gain a strange healing ability, but now Lincoln could create fire. That isn’t the last of the weird things going on, though. On top of that, I discovered I was created in a lab, with the intention to bring about a great change. Those intentions weren’t necessarily good. Now that I’m back on their radar and I know more about what I might be capable of, I have become the thing I fear most, and am left with more questions than ever.

We receive word of some sort of sanctuary for survivors. A place that promises protection for those who seek it. It could be a trap, but it could also be true. We do our best to travel in search of this place, but rotters aren’t the only things standing in our way. Our journey is filled with twists, turns, and straight up chaos.

If there is a safe place for survivors, we won’t stop until we find it.

Together, we will find The Salvaged.


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