Veiled (Releasing the Magic book 4)

Veiled (Releasing the Magic book 4)

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What do you do when your past takes you back?

The years I’d spent growing up were the darkest of my life, even with counting the rotter outbreak. Then I gained my freedom, met some guys who refused to leave, and even got some of my siblings back.

Then my past came for me.

Now I spend my days watching, biding my time, waiting for my chance to escape while also trying to keep my sanity.

During this time, I’m forced to endure their experiments. Some will test me, and some could possibly break me. What I learn, though, could change everything I thought I’d ever known to be true.

I will fight my way out for my freedom. I did it before, I can do it again. Nobody will knock me down for good.

Not even the monster in the pearl necklace.


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